About Us


Jameah Mahmoodiyah was founded in 1992 by Mufti Ismail Rahim who is also the founder of Madrassah Mu’einul Islam (for girls) in Zakariyya Park,South Africa . Jameah Mahmoodiyah started off with only two students in a small house in Bakerton, Springs before moving to its present premises in Persida, Springs. By the grace of Allah today it has more than 120 students studying the Hifz ul Qur’ān, ‘Ālim and Iftā’ courses.

Jameah Mahmoodiyah was founded by a personality non other than the then grand Mufti of India, Sheikhul Hadīth Moulāna Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (R.A) of Darul Uloom Deoband; hence the name ‘Mahmoodiyah’. Since then the institution has been serving the students, both local and foreign, and has produced many graduates in the Hifz ul Qur’ān, ‘Ālim and Iftā’ courses. All praise goes to Allāh.

Mission Statement

To propagate Islām in its pristine form to the four corners of the World, according to the teachings of the Qur’ān and Hadīth.

The need for Islamic Studies:
Prior to the advent of Islām, the Arabs were passing through a phase of ignorance. To their fortune, it was the rich Islāmic literature and spiritual strength of the Qur’ān and Hadīth that wrenched them out of that darkness to real light. The Qur’ān, with its eternal message, is the lasting miracle of Rasūlullāh . The Qur’ān openly challenged the world to produce anything close to it in dictum and message, but up to date no one from among the Arabs and non-Arabs could meet that challenge.

In modern times when man is once again engulfed into moral and spiritual decadence, we may assert with confidence that only Islām can salvage him. Therefore to make that a reality, there is a desperate need for true students to take up the lead with a creative vision and excellent Islāmic background in knowledge, practice and spirit.

They need to delve into the Qur’ān and Hadīth and seek solutions to heal the distressed souls of modern man. Though the Qur’ān was revealed during the dark ages it is perfectly ideal for the moral and spiritual upliftment of people of this age too. We are duty bound to impart its message to the restless souls. Hence while the world is waiting for a Messiah and the Muslims are anticipating the Mehdi, it is imperative that Muslim youth devout their precious moments to make thorough research on Islāmic literature and provide a soothing balm to the world once again.

Virtues of Ilm-e-Deen:
Ādam was accorded ascendancy to the angels by virtue of his knowledge.
Rasūlullāh  bid the Ummah, that after having milk they should pray, “O Allāh! Bless us in this milk and give us an ‘increase’ in it.”
Likewise Allāh bids us in the Qur’ān to pray, “O my Sustainer! Give me ‘increase’ in knowledge.” i.e. in my reasoning.
The two quotations suggest that, as much as milk is necessary for physical nourishment knowledge is equally necessary for spiritual enrichment.

The Jameah’s vision:
The Jameah’s aim is to create such Rijāl (men) for the Ummah who will strive to educate the Ummah (Ijābah and Da’wah) and streamline the way of Islām for them. Throughout Islāmic history, true Muslim scholars applied themselves to this course, embodied its message in them and passed it on to the succeeding generations. Now, that Amānah lies squarely on our shoulders till we pass it on to the succeeding generation. The Jameah envisions that this need can be fulfilled through its graduates Inshā’-Allāh. It is for these goals in mind, an opportunity is provided for the keen Muslim students to slake their academical thirst of Islām.